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We hire out a variety of air conditioners and humidifiers at very competitive prices within the UK mainland. Please contact us for a consultation and our experts will arrange a meeting to discuss further.  Portable air conditioner is one on wheels that can be easily transported inside a home or office. They are currently available with capacities of about 6,000 to 60,000 BTU/h (1,800 to 18,000 watts output) and with and without electric resistance heaters. Portable true air conditioners come in two forms, split and hose. Evaporative coolers, sometimes called conditioners, are also portable.

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We don't just supply and install, we offer the peace of mind that will keep your systems maintained and fully operational throughout the vital times such as the summer months.

Air-cooled portable air conditioners are compressor-based refrigerant system that use air to exchange heat, from Noveau, Airconco, Airrex, Convair and Kenstar, in the same way as a car or typical household air conditioner. With this type of system the air is dehumidified as it is cooled. They collect water condensed from the cooled air, and produce hot air which must be vented outside of the cooled area (they transfer heat from the air in the cooled area to air which must be vented).

It is a status that owes a great deal to the scope of our product offering. We manufacture and market both residential and commercial systems, embracing single and multi split technology and, increasingly, VRF technology. Our portfolio is completed by equipment that fulfils ventilation requirements, meets the need for different levels of control and the demand for heating and cooling operations.

Retractable patio awning from leading UK supplier.  

A split system has an indoor unit on wheels connected to an outdoor unit via flexible pipes, similar to a permanently fixed installed unit.

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