Air Conditioning Wall mount

The Conservatory was built about 6 years ago. Although the customer were really pleased with their beautiful conservatory,  they found that they couldn’t enjoy it fully all year-round.

“Unfortunately in the summer it was too hot and in the winter too cold”

After visiting a friend’s house, whom had earlier had an air-conditioning system fitted in their conservatory by Bespoke Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.


The Solution

After an initial survey, Bespoke Refrigeration & Air Conditioning fitted their new heat-pump air conditioning system.

“The air conditioning makes it a beautiful room to sit in during the summer months, and the same unit makes it warm and inviting in the winter months.

“We can now use the conservatory as a room all year round. It makes it a proper room of the house.

“Before, it was really cold and everything felt damp. Without the heating, it would be too cold for us, even with the radiator on.

“We have the timer set so it comes on for an hour in the morning and there’s no musty smells – like you find in most conservatories.

We enjoy having our breakfast in here each morning now and in the evening we like to sit and relax and read a book.

The heating and cooling elements work really quickly and the unit is silent. You don’t even realise anything is switched on.

It’s fantastic! It was definitely

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