Heat Pumps

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An Alternative to Air Conditioning

A heat pump unit is like an air conditioning motor unit. Inside the box there is a large electric fan, which draws in air from the outside. Once the air has been drawn in, it goes through an evaporator which contains a CFC free refrigerant and then this is used to create the cooing or heating energy to your home or business. Heat Pumps come in two types, air to water, which can also supply hot water to your home, or air to air, which gives you heat or cool air from a fan.

A Greener Option

Although they use some electricity, they don’t use as much as other heating or cooling methods and are therefore a greener option, which will lower your energy bills.

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There are a number of heat pump methods available depending on the type of heating and cooling you want and the space you have available. At Bespoke Refrigeration & Air Conditioning we have the experience and know-how to advise you about the best system for your home.

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Questions And Answers

A heat pump system circulates heat from an external energy source to a compressor inside a heat pump unit. It can collect low-grade heat from renewable sources such as water, ground or air to compress and deliver heating and hot water to a property.

Almost! They are much greener in comparison to other forms of heating, because they are gathering heat from natural sources; but they still use some electricity to run the compressor. Solar thermal is perhaps the only 100% renewable heating source, and even this contributes to carbon emissions in its manufacturing, so nothing has absolutely no environmental impact! If you are looking for an energy efficient and environmentally-friendly choice, then heat pumps are a good option.

Air source heat pumps can achieve efficiencies over 400% whilst vastly reducing CO2 emissions, making them an energy efficient heating system.

The system performs down to air temperatures of -10°c which means that they are more than suitable for installations within the UK. Hot water and Heating can be provided 365 days a year. In properties with larger heat demand, boilers or multi fuel burners can be successfully integrated. Our technical staff will provide an installation schematic

No, because it comes as a factory-sealed unit, like a fridge. The life span of a typical heat pump system is 20-25 years. We do offer our clients a maintenance contract to ensure that the system is in good working order and you are getting optimum performance from your heat pump.

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